Dental Emergencies

If it broke, hurts, swells, or oozes- we want to see you.  If we are open, just call 801-782-9269, and we’ll find a way to work you in.  If it’s after hours, call the same number and leave a message.  We have a doctor on call up to 10PM who will respond (usually within the hour).

What is a Dental Emergency?

Sometimes an accident or surprise can feel like an emergency.  Do you need to get it looked at soon or can it wait until the morning?  Here are some guidelines on what can wait:

  • Chipped teeth that don’t bleed or hurt
  • Loose crowns that can be seated with store bought crown glue
  • Broken partials and dentures
  • Dark spots on teeth
  • Loose temporaries

We still need to evaluate these things, but unless there is pain or swelling the next day the office is open typically works just as well.

These are reasons to be seen in our emergency clinic:

  • Tooth knocked out of the mouth
  • Tooth knocked hard enough to move, but not dislodge
  • Foreign object lodged in the mouth
  • Swelling that came on suddenly or has worsened recently
  • Pain that prevents sleep
  • Pain that prevents eating or swallowing

If you’re suffering and need to see a dentist as soon as possible, please call now 801-782-9269.

What Happens at a Dental Emergency Visit?

First, know that there is an after-hours fee that will be paid up front.

Second, we will get a lot of paperwork taken care of including any dental benefit plan you may have.

Third, meet the doctor, get some x-rays and an evaluation.

Fourth, discuss your options.  Hopefully mother nature will allow you a couple of choices.  Once you’ve decided and verified finances we can move forward with treatment.

Finally, treatment!  We focus on triage- getting the worst resolved so you can sleep better until your next visit to finalize and finish your treatment.

Because so many things can cause a dental emergency it’s hard to get detailed, but it’s important to note that pain medicine and antibiotics are not emergency treatment- that’s “emergency postponement” and we want to help you move forward.

What Else?

Our doctors want to help, but they also like hanging out with their family so if you would be ready to text them a picture of your mouth, or tooth, or your swollen face- that can help them guide you in your early options. 

Even though we are not a Medicaid provider we can still submit to your insurance and they will reimburse you for any covered expenses.

What if Money is Tight?

Dental practices are expensive to run- we don’t get state or federal fund support like community health clinics and hospitals.  If funds are low and you need to make every health dollar count then we recommend the following:

1)     Get to the ER for immediate relief- Pain meds and antibiotics THEN seek long term solutions at the following locations:

2)     Midtown Community Health Center of Ogden

2240 Adams Ave, Ogden, UT 84401

(801) 393-5355

They use a sliding scale based on your income, and we are grateful to our colleagues who make it work

3)     University of Utah Dental School has several satellite locations including:

950 25th St #A, Ogden, UT 84401


They use a discounted fee schedule and dental students are guided by excellent dentists from the community

"I had a dental emergency, Kami was great to get me right in. My tech was Bailey, she was so friendly and helpful. Dr. Cook was amazing, he and all the team went above and beyond!!!!! I am so grateful for all of them. They genuinely care and are just great people. I can't thank them enough. They not only took care of my tooth, they really took care of me as person. They are the best!!!!"

-Christina Spell


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